Movie Mogul's Park & Play

With strict government guidelines in place due to COVID, a fun and safe escape from reality has been tough to find. Have you been looking for something unique to do with your friends, family, or co-workers? Or are you trying to plan out a date night? Look no further! Come spend a night out under the stars above the highest point of the Palisades Cliffs, the scenic State Line Lookout. What's better than a 4K movie with a view? How about food trucks? Popcorn, candy, and drinks too! We've got you covered with all the movie night essentials.

COVID-19 Safety

To comply with COVID-19 safety requirements, guests must wear their masks when outside of their vehicles, using the rest room, at food trucks, and concession tables. Let's get through COVID by being responsible together.

Always a cleansafe, and sanitary environment thanks to our friends and sponsor


Box Office

 Tickets must be purchased in advance online and presented at the entrance for each vehicle. No tickets will be sold on site.

  Your E-Ticket or printed ticket will be scanned at the event entrance. 

• We will not admit any cars without a ticket.

Rules and Guidelines

Please help us keep our site clean. Do not litter. Multiple trash bins and recyclables cans will be located around the event site.

• Bigger vehicles such as pickup trucks & vans will be directed to park in the rear of the lot and at the ends of rows. 

 No alcoholic beverages allowed. No open fires/grilling.

• No idling: no engines running once the vehicle is parked.

 When driving through site, do not drive more than 5 miles per hour.